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Beckett: Out Now on Steam!

Beckett by The Secret Experiment

Her hands were thin and delicate with a gentle pale skin. Her nails slender, long but cut short. She never wore a wedding ring for fear it would interfere with her song, and she played beautifully. Beckett would sit with his paper and let the music wash around him, the notes striking against convention, an array of perfectly timed mistakes against a canvas of mournful beauty.

Beckett doesn't exist

I love you Amy. Beckett lets these whispered words fall from his lips, feeling the shapes form in his mouth and tickle of his breath, laced with decay and the taste of rot. She was full of life. Now she only exists through reruns. A Technicolor romance in a screening room made for one. Beckett holds no religious framing on death or any hope of a meaningful afterlife, he’s seen too much to believe that this could be true. She was real. Now she is projected. No doubt Beckett’s reconstruction is bias.

The Studio

The Secret Experiment is a production studio of alternative thought, original voices and stories told through videogames.

Behind the Experiment pt1

Founded by writer/director Simon Meek in 2013, the studio aims to defy mainstream expectation of what videogames are with titles more aligned to literature, theatre and arthouse cinema than an industry largely driven by adrenaline rush and commercial enterprise.

Behind the Experiment pt2

Our debut title is Beckett, an abstract retelling of a missing person’s case where the tracing agent finds himself caught between the life he once had and that which he now lives. The story is presented as a tapestry of objects and ideas that it is for the player to navigate and reassemble. What is in the head of the player eclipses everything that’s on screen.

Behind the Experiment pt3

Our work is collaborative and not afraid of taking risks. We’re small enough not to chase audiences without care to the product.

Behind the Experiment pt4

The team behind The Secret Experiment is Simon Meek (words, direction, sound) and Gordon Bell (programming).

They work with an array of brilliantly talented people including Herman Serrano, Sean Mulvenna and Al White.

The studio is always looking for new people to collaborate with.

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